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Verre Églomisé

Custom Artwork

   We are a creative workshop based in London, renowned for our expertise in Verre Églomisé. We offer bespoke finishes and antique mirrors, taking pride in our gilding and silvering skills. Our portfolio further encompasses bespoke murals and traditional glass signs, all custom-crafted and attentively installed from the initial design to completion.

Our Bespoke Services

Our Projects

Dive into a visual journey of our finest work. From the intricate art of églomisé to the timeless elegance of gold leaf gilding, each project is a testament to our dedication to excellence.

Meet The Artists

Robert Bondar

Robert Bondar

An adept in glass gilding and glass arts, Robert's expertise is deeply rooted in traditional glass gilding, invigorated by the charm of old French cafés. His work blends classic techniques with modern design, creating pieces that resonate with elegance and a rich heritage.

judit kocso.jpg

Judit Kocso

From serene, fairy-tale landscapes to a spectrum of imaginative themes. As a mural artist and illustrator, she masterfully blends traditional painting with digital art, inviting viewers to explore a world where each creation is a unique story unto itself.

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