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Verre Églomisé & Antique Mirrors

   At the heart of our craft lies the promise of uniqueness and personalization. The traditional techniques we employ, including Verre Églomisé and hand-poured chemical silvering, are niche crafts that have been preserved by only a select few artisans across the globe. For those new to the art of mirror-making, our process transforms ordinary glass into extraordinary mirrors through either chemical means or the application of precious metal leaves such as gold, silver, or others. 

What truly sets us apart is our ability to incorporate patterns and decorative elements into our mirrors. This skill is exceedingly rare, demanding a level of expertise that ensures these designs withstand the test of time. Our artisans can hand-paint, screen print, or employ methods like acid etching and sandblasting to etch patterns directly into the glass, creating mirrors that are as unique as they are timeless.

We cater to any size, meticulously working with 4-6mm glass that can be chamfered or bevelled at the edges. We also offer decorative rosettes and bespoke framing services.

gold eglomise.jpeg

Verre Églomisé

  Verre Églomisé, a term synonymous with bespoke elegance, refers to the exquisite art of gilding glass with precious metals to create mirrors that are not just reflective surfaces, but pieces of art. Our mirrors, commonly adorned with silver leaf, can also be embellished with the luxurious touch of 24ct gold leaf, the serene beauty of 22ct moon gold, or the warm tones of 19ct caplain. The characteristic grid-like pattern is not only visually striking but also a testament to the skillful process of creation. To cater to a variety of tastes, our mirrors can be custom-distressed for an antique appearance or enhanced with hand-painted elements such as ornamental designs, adding a layer of customization and charm.

Hand painted eglomise
Rose gold eglomise with bird design
antique mirror 1

Antique Mirrors

  Our mirrors are brought to life through a traditionally hand-poured chemical silvering technique, a method so unique that it’s a cherished rarity worldwide. With only a handful of artisans left who possess the skill to create these masterpieces, we ensure each mirror is a reflection of unparalleled craftsmanship. We provide a range of distressing options, from light to heavy, allowing you to choose the perfect degree of age and character that your space demands. Whether it’s a subtle hint of vintage charm or a more pronounced statement of antiquity, our mirrors are designed to captivate and inspire.

Elevating the art of reflection, we also offer unique patterned mirrors, each with its own story and aesthetic appeal. Stay tuned for our new collection coming soon!

verre eglomise moon gold.jpg
Silver leaf églomisé with Moon gold 17th century inspired ornaments
chemical silvering 1.jpg
Wavy surface / Light distressed mirror & Heavy distressed flat mirror
Eglomise samples
Silver Leaf, Caplain, Moon Gold, Rose Gold, Pure Gold Verre Églomisé

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