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Gold Leaf Glass Signs: The Art of First Impressions

   Welcome to the pinnacle of sign craftsmanship, where tradition is not just preserved; it’s celebrated. Our founder, Robert Bondar, began our legacy as a glass sign maker, earning acclaim not just locally but from connoisseurs and clients around the world. His dedication and skill have placed him among a select group of artisans recognized by the National Heritage Crafts for keeping this precious art form vibrant and alive.

We understand the power of a first impression. That’s why we specialize in creating gold leaf glass signs and signage that not only capture attention but also embody the essence of your brand. Our signs are more than markers; they are statements of quality and professionalism.

Whether you’re looking for elegant shop fronts, gold leaf window signs, fascia glass signs, hanging signs, glass plaques or sophisticated house numbers we bring a touch of gold and a wealth of tradition to every project.

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